How to plan an Easter to remember in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

7 Ways to Celebrate Easter during the Quarantine for COVID-19

  1. Gather Virtually Together with Family/Friends – There is no replacement for the physical, face-to-face connection we crave as human beings created in the image of God. Thankfully, at a time when social distancing is the rule of the day, it cannot separate us from social interaction. Through the multiple outlets of technology available to many in modern society, connecting screen to screen is an outlet for social survival until the COVID-19 quarantine has been lifted. Just hearing another voice, seeing other faces is important.
  2. Make Homemade Treats / Gifts for Baskets – Easter baskets are a tradition in many households, especially of those with younger children. Though we aren’t frequenting stores for non-essential items right now, we can still bless those in our family with thoughtful baskets full of goodies. When we get creative with what we already have on hand, some of the best memories are made. Homemade baked goods and candies can be made if we have the right ingredients, and crafts and homemade cards can bring joy. You can also order some treats online if needed; many places have Easter candy on sale now.
  3. Plan an Egg Hunt – Plastic eggs filled with candy litter many homes and yards on Easter morning. The eggs don’t have to go empty because we are quarantined.  They can be filled with messages of hope from Scripture, pieces of a puzzle, jokes to bring laughter, stickers to brighten up spaces, or candy you’ve ordered. Consider doing a scavenger hunt, to see who can find the most eggs of each color, or in a certain place, or within a certain amount of time.  Or read the list below with 20 Creative Ideas for the Family Easter Egg Hunt or download FREE Easter Printables
  4. Prepare a Special Meal – Families and friends traditionally gather on Easter, many bringing different favorite recipes to share. It may be one of the only times each year extended families have the opportunity to reconnect and catch up with each other. With everyone celebrating separately this year, try to re-create one or two of those traditional dishes shared annually. And to those living alone you can reach out and connect via facetime or video chat and “virtually” share a meal.
  5. Start a New Tradition –  In the wake of this entire season that will mark so many generations, both now and to come, start a new tradition to foster an appreciation for what we still have.  Here are some ideas you can try. Watch a movie together in a fort of blankets you all helped to build. Here’s a list of family-friendly movies to watch during the quarantine.

    (Note: Links are Official trailers)
    Abominable – A Feel-Good Animated Movie (ages 8+), Paddington – A Bear’s Epic Adventure (ages 6+), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Comic Book Hero (ages 9+), Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey – A Beloved Pets Heroic Journey (ages 6+), Toy Story (ages 5+), Inside Out (ages 6+), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – (ages 9+), Ferdinand – A Story about Going Against the Grain (ages 6+), Frozen 2 – Disney Princesses in Action (ages 6+), Moana  – Polynesian island chief’s daughter (ages 6+).
  6. Spend Specific Time in Prayer – Prayer is powerful. God hears the prayers of the righteous. He may not always answer them directly or how we want Him to, but He is the God of miracles. Praying for a miraculous healing and cure of COVID-19 is important.
  7. “Go” to Church – Mandatory quarantine has pushed weekend church gatherings online. Log on this Easter, and know even though we aren’t all physically together, we still gather in the presence of God. If you don’t have a live stream to watch, do a quick search of local churches in your area; there’s a good chance a few near you are doing live streams. 

20 Creative Ideas for the Family Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Color Coded Egg Hunt – Assign each egg hunter a different color to fill their basket during the Easter egg hunt. This is great for participants of various ages.
  2. Flashlight Egg Hunt – Move the big hunt to Easter Eve and break out the flashlights. Paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint for even more fun!
  3. Jelly Bean Trail – Create a trail for kids to follow out of jelly beans!
  4. Golden Egg Contest – Choose a golden egg from the decorated eggs and then use it in the egg hunt as a valued find.
  5. Super Secret Message Egg – Hide a little message in each egg. It is just like a fortune cookie…only with eggs!
  6. Easter Egg Checklist – Create a checklist: 3 yellow eggs, 2 blue eggs, 5 orange, etc. Each egg seeker tries to finish his checklist before returning for a prize.
  7. Easter Yarn Maze – We love this Easter morning tradition of creating an indoor yarn maze to follow. “String Maze is a game where the prize is hidden at the end of a long string.”
  8. Easter Egg Discovery Boxes – Use plastic Easter eggs as discovery boxes filled with all sorts of goodies for your kids.
  9. Hide Eggs in Unexpected Places – This traditional Greek Easter Bread is the perfect way to hide colored eggs where kids won’t expect them.
  10. Jelly Bean Printable – If you end up with a bunch of jelly beans, download and print this jelly bean table to keep track of your Easter loot!
  11. Coded Message Hidden in Eggs – When you add all the coded messages in these eggs, you will have the clues for a coded messages.
  12. Easter Egg Hunt Shifts – Hunt eggs in shifts making it easier for smaller hunters to find easier Easter egg finds.
  13. The Great Egg Race – The Great Egg Race held post-hunt can create a fun family competition filled with giggles.
  14. Hide “Bunny Munny” for Shopping in the Bunny Emporium – Use plastic eggs to hide “bunny munny” for the Easter egg hunt and then after the hunt open the Bunny Emporium full of discount store trinkets that children can then “purchase.”
  15. Easter Egg Hunt Clues – Instead of candy fill your Easter eggs with clues. This is especially fun for older children who need a bit of a challenge.
  16. DIY Easter Basket – Get everyone excited about the Easter Egg hunt by creating their own Easter Egg baskets. Get creative with paper mache, fabric, glitter, and more!
  17. DIY Easter Grass – Create Easter grass at home to pair perfectly with your DIY Easter basket from.
  18. Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt – Send Easter egg hunters on a scavenger hunt.
  19. Follow the Clues – Open one egg to find a clue that leads to the next…and so on!
  20. Real Egg Surprise – Hide a couple of real colored Easter Eggs along with the plastic eggs. Assign each child a color. When the children find the real egg in their assigned color they win a prize.

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