Buying New Construction 

The allure of new construction is undeniable when you are house hunting. Living n a pristine home—one untouched by grimy hands or muddy shoes, full of brand-new appliances and the finishes and treatments that you picked to fit your desires. And you won’t have to worry about making any cosmetic or structural upgrades for years to come.

If you are interested in buying a new construction, a builder’s agent will be ready to help you with the process BUT, make no mistake, you will need your own real estate agent from the get-go. Even though it may seem like plug and play to sign up with the builder’s on-site agent, you’re going to want someone representing your side of the deal. Read below to understand why…

New Construction Misconceptions – Why would a consumer need Buyer Agent Representation?

Common misconceptions when purchasing new construction:

  • The friendly and helpful salesperson works for and represents the builder’s interest and the builder’s interest only. Shouldn’t you have independent representation?
  • An experienced agent can give you objective professional advice and insight during all phases of the process, such as contract, construction, walkthrough, and closing.
  • An experienced agent is your exclusive advocate and will help you understand your contract and obligations.
  • The sale representative will always give the appearance that sales prices are non-negotiable, yet an experienced agent can use recent and historical sales data to aid in the negotiation. Data that is not always readily available during new construction.
  • An experienced agent has knowledge of and can leverage contracts when things go awry with the builder which often happens.
  • An experienced buyer’s agent costs you nothing. The builder allocates a sales commission to be paid to a buyer’s agent because most consumers are represented for the reasons stated above. When a buyer does not use a buyer’s agent, the builder either pays their sales representative a higher commission or pockets the savings.

Real Estate is a huge investment, why not use a professional that has years of experience and knowledge to put to work for you. It is like trying to be your own attorney. Not usually a good idea.


Top New Home Builders

  Builder                 Community           Prices

Toll Brothers


$825,995 – $2,929,363

TRI Pointe Homes


$624,900 – $1,375,900

KB Home


$635,000 – $1,849,000

Pulte Homes


$774,990 – $1,106,990



$729,880 – $1,127,570

D.R. Horton


$739,313 – $2,460,046

Taylor Morrison


$645,000 – $2,779,928

SummerHill Homes


$860,000 – $2,163,000

KB Home


$848,902 – $2,420,000

Shea Homes – Family


$608,000 – $828,000

Meritage Homes


$704,950 – $835,950

DM Development


$830,000 – $1,800,000