Hayward is a convenient and affordable base that lets you explore every area of the Bay Area with ease and living here you are close to the water. On the East Bay and the Hayward Hills offer a clear stunning panoramic that capture San Francisco, Fremont, Silicon Valley and Oakland with all at once.

Don Castro met William Hayward living at the mouth of the Palomares Canyon. Castro sold him 56 acres of land, and Hayward built the first house at what was to become know as ‘A’ Street. The “Haywards” became a flourishing town, noted for its orchards and promoted as a “resort” for visitors from Oakland and San Francisco.

The Hayward’s shore was restored as a wetlands to bring wildlife back to this part of the East Bay. The San Francisco Bay Trail runs right through the park, so if you feel like a longer walk venture for a few miles along this 345-mile path curving around two thirds of the Bay.

On the streets of Hayward you’ll notice just what a melting pot it is with a quality reflected by the choice of restaurants from the Mexican taquerias to Korean barbeque, Vietnamese, Japanese or classic American diner food. One of the Bay Area’s oldest brewpubs, Buffalo Bills, is also right here in Hayward.